Web Development

Our process includes matching you and your business up with a theme that is perfectly suited to your individual business. We offer a range of themes, all designed to optimise growth and traffic using our behind the scenes SEO plug ins, while offering a stable and sturdy backbone that we can either manage for you or teach you how to manage.


We not only provide web development services, but if required we provide hosting. This is pretty much where your website is ‘stored’ and the benefits of hosting with the same developers is that all backups and big changes are safer and easy to manage.

Domain Registration

Sometimes we want a .com, and a and a .net but we want them all to redirect to the same website address. Or we just need help finding a domain name that is available. This is where we come in. We can check out for you what is available, and depending on what you are looking for, costs will vary. Give us a shout and we will help you pick an option.

SEO Management

Using plug ins in the back end of the website, and linking what we have built to your existing social media or other news or business platforms, we assist in generating traffic on your website by increasing the number of visitors by gaining high ranking placements in the search results pages of search engines

Content Management

If you need blurb for your website pages, reviews for your products and services, or even a weekly or monthly article or newsletter written, we offer this service to you. You can give us what you have and we can work with that or we can research and start from scratch. We already manage several press pages and Mail Chimp accounts and adding these features to your website will increase traffic and help with
your overall SEO.

Social Media Integration and / or management

The options for Social Media integration are endless. Some clients like to keep it simple and have the various social media icons on the landing page which click through respective social media page. Some enjoy having live feeds on the page, so that anyone visiting the page can see what is happening in real-time on any given social media feed. This is especially handy when you have active social media sites. In conjunction with these features, we can add subscription features, analytics and other plug ins which enhance the social media experience.
If you require content management for your social media and run campaigns that we can drive for you, we with gladly do this for you.

Graphic Design

Any graphic design requirements you have, we can provide. Not only on the site itself, but if you would like to extend the site look and feel into your businesses corporate ID, we will assist you. We are also able to redraw your logo or redesign it if you would like to keep the same style, but need it to be spruced up a little.

Custom Theme Design

Do you want a theme that completely unique to your business? One that has your own flair and style? We can custom build a theme for you to highlight and present your business in exactly the way you would like. You still have the options of any additional features and plugins but the theme itself will be completely custom designed, just for you, according to your specifications.


Would you like to manage your own website once we have completed it? We will train one of your staff on how to go into the back end of the website and how to add and manage content. This is more cost effective for a small business, and although we will offer support if needed, it is the preferable option for many small business starting out.


If your company or organisation would like to offer tutorials or online ‘how to’ videos we have support staff who are trained in how to put these together if given the right brief and content. We upload these to your website, and they can either be accessed via a member log in or seen by anyone who goes on to your website. This is entirely up to you.

PS Mockups

If you would like to see what your landing page will look like, or any of our work will look like before we get going, we offer Photoshop mock ups so that you can have a look and give us approval before we get going on the more complicated nitty gritty work. This lets you see what you will be getting visually, but also gives you the opportunity to tell us what you want tweaked, or how you feel about a specific design.

Bug Finding and Link Checking

If you have an existing website and there are glitches that you need found and fixed, we will sort that out for you no problem! Sometimes it takes a second pair of eyes, and even a third to find what a problem is. Sometime the problem is in a tiny piece of code and it causes major issues. It is also important that all your links look ‘pretty’ so that Google ‘likes’ your website and it makes for better SEO.

Google AdWords Management

If you would like to advertise on Google using Google AdWords we are pretty good at it, and it will massively increase the click rate on your website. Analytics are available after each campaign and it can all be seamlessly linked to your current SEO and marketing strategies.

Strategic SEO

When we have developed your website and we have all your SEO in place in the back end, and you would like to put strategies in place for various campaigns over your social media platforms and marketing initiatives, we can assist you in making sure that there is cohesion between them all so that when your potential customers type specific keywords into the search engines that you are not falling short of your desired outcomes.


Should you need to print company stationary, work wear, advertise your business on community radio or would like to place advertising on our website, you will get a 5% discount on any of these affiliated suppliers if you place your orders through Abundant Web. Terms and Conditions apply.